How We Work

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple… we believe:

1. The mind, body and spirit are all connected and therefore optimal growth and healing occurs when we look at the whole life versus just one aspect of it.

In other words, we don’t just look at your fitness level or what you’re eating. We look deeper than that. You could be the fittest person in the world and have health issues. We look at your fitness level, eating habits, quality of sleep and down time, environment, and overall health. Are you happy? What is important to you? What were you put on this planet to do? This gives you the drive to get healthy so you can get on with whatever it is you want to do.

2. We must treat the root cause, not the symptom.

We go to the doctor and want instant relief. The problem is we’re treating the symptoms and NOT the cause. Often treating a symptom creates another one or only provides temporary relief. For example, taking aspirin to cover up pain does not treat the root cause of the pain and may cause a stomach ulcer later. Now you have two problems instead of one. Better to find the cause and correct that then simply cover it up.

How We Work

Our philosophy is the basis for how we work with our clients.

1. An Integrated Approach

We provide a wellness center approach so you can get your fitness, nutrition and wellness needs in one place. This results in an integrated wellness program where each piece can build on the other. Instead of your personal trainer knowing one piece of your vitality recipe and a nutritionist another, we work together to create better results for you.

2. Assess Your Starting Point and Re-Assess

We do a full postural, core function and movement analysis, as well as a health evaluation, so we can completely personalize your program. You may be wondering why we do this as other personal trainers you’ve worked with in Vancouver may just do a 10 min. paper assessment of your goals and then start you on a program. This allows us to get to the root cause of any aches, fatigue or lingering injuries you may have.

If you have no obvious pain or health issues, testing allows us to not only address muscle imbalances, but our body-systems screen will flag any system that may be showing signs of stress before it becomes a problem. This is preventative maintenance at its best!

3. Customized Nutrition and Fitness Programs

While many trainers use a similar program for all of their clients, we take into account your assessment results and your goals in order to design a program that will work for you. This is a two-way street – we work together at the pace that feels right for you, and on the areas that you want to prioritize. We provide the roadmap to your destination, but it is up to you to follow the map, or ask for help in altering the route if that is what you would like to do.

Each piece helps the others. It is easier to stick to your healthy eating plan if you are also exercising, for example. And ensuring you get enough rest and repair time will accelerate your results further.

But you can start however you want. Some will want to start with nutrition, others with exercise, and still others with structural integration (massage). Over time as you (we) see fit, we can add the other components of wellness until you are feeling fantastic!

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