The Metabolic Typing Diet

The Metabolic Typing Diet

By looking at your physical, psychological and dietary characteristics it can be determined how YOUR body metabolizes your food. Then we can provide you with a food list of optimal foods as well as your appropriate food ratio that will regulate your weight, give you sustained energy, and reduce your cravings and mood swings.

In general, the sorts of diets that we can eat fall on a continuum, with protein types on one end, carbohydrate types on the other, and mixed types in between. One person may be a strong protein type, whereas someone else may be somewhere closer to the “mixed” end but on the protein side, for example.

Protein Mixed Carb

If you are a protein type, and you are eating the diet of a carb type, there is a good chance you will develop type 2 diabetes or other health concerns.

There are two systems that regulate our food – the oxidative system, or how quickly our body turns our food into energy, and the autonomic nervous system, the system that does all the work behind the scenes like keeping our heart beating, regulating our temperature, and digesting our food. Depending on which system is dominant in the individual, the food lists (aka your metabolic typing diet) will be different.

Protein Mixed Carb
Fast Oxidizer Mixed Oxidizer Slow Oxidizer
Parasympathetic Balanced Autonomic Sympathetic

It is wrong to think that certain foods are “acidic”, and others are “alkaline”. It is how the food interacts with the cells of the individual that will determine whether or not a food will push the person acid or alkaline. A fast oxidizer, for example, tends to be acidic, and meat pushes a fast oxidizer alkaline. On the other hand, a parasympathetic dominant, also a protein type, tends to be alkaline, and meat would balance the system by pushing it acid.

In light of this, supplements need to be considered with extreme caution, because if you are an acid type, you will need alkaline supplements to bring you back to balance, and if you are an alkaline type, you need acid supplements to bring you back to balance. For this reason it is important to eat quality food to get your nutrition, rather than relying on supplements, unless they are the metabolic typing supplements, as they are designed to support each metabolic type.

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