Posture Correction

Are You Looking for Relief from Chronic Muscle Pain, Achy Joints or Headaches?

We eliminate pain by treating the root cause instead of only examining the area that hurts, and teaching you strategies to help yourself so you can get your life back.

Do you have:

  • chronic neck pain, shoulder, hip or back pain?
  • migraine or tension headaches?
  • TMJ or bite problems?
  • tight muscles or achy joints?
  • poor posture or slouching from working at a computer all day?

If you do, then you know that the pain and discomfort can affect all aspects of your life. It can also drain you emotionally. If you’re taking prescription drugs or muscle relaxants to deal with the pain, you may wonder if that is a viable long-term solution.

When you visit your family doctor, they may only have 15 minutes to assess, diagnose and treat you. Most doctors are general practitioners and do not have the time or the specific training to determine the cause of soft tissue pain.

Treat the Root Cause of Your Pain

That’s where we come in. If a client comes in with a migraine headache, for example, the first thing we will do is an evaluation of the entire body. We have found many clients with headache patterns that begin in their hips, or are caused by faulty breathing methods. Had we just looked at the one part of the body that was in pain, we would end up just treating the symptom rather than addressing the root cause.

Treating symptoms leads to some temporary improvement but does not guarantee a lasting result. By treating the whole body as a functional unit, we are able to treat causes that have eluded other well qualified health professionals.

You want to be pain-free for the long-term! You want to return to doing the activities you love with ease.

An Alternative Approach to Pain Relief

According to recent research approximately 90% of pain symptoms are considered idiopathic, which means there is no known cause. We believe the reason there is no known cause is that proper investigation of the client’s soft tissue is not being performed.

At Wellness Works, we do a structural and functional assessment to determine the source of your pain, and chart our findings. We watch you move to determine how your brain prioritizes muscle recruitment. This reveals your structural and biomechanical patterns.

Simply put – we look at the posture of the body to see what is out of alignment and causing the soft tissue pain. Then we treat you using structural integration methods (massage), and we give you corrective exercises so that you can help yourself at home.

The form of massage that is used is called Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy (INT), and was created by Paul St. John, a very well known and respected massage therapist.

Here’s a recap of what you receive when you work with us…

What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

  • A Comprehensive Assessment
    A thorough postural, movement and core-function evaluation that allows us to locate the source of your pain symptom(s).
  • Review of Your Assessment Results
    A clear explanation of your evaluation results and a suggested treatment plan. You receive an Assessment Summary which outlines the most important elements that need to be addressed in your treatment plan as well as the muscles that need to be stretched and strengthened. You also receive a copy of your chart so you can give it to your other practitioners.
  • Ongoing INT Treatment (optional)
    These sessions include massage to loosen tight areas and ease your body back into alignment. Often you will receive one or two personalized stretching and stabilization exercises you can do at home.
  • A Formal Corrective Exercise Program (optional)
    A typewritten program to do at home or at the gym with your trainer. It lists specific stretching and stabilizing exercise that will correct your postural imbalances and any joint instabilities.

Our goal is not only to eliminate your pain, but also to show you how to prevent recurrence of the pain.

Together we treat the root cause of your pain, and give you back your life.

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You May Be Wondering… How Long Until I’m Pain-Free?

The truth is, it is unlikely that you will be permanently pain-free after just one session. Often, however, our clients feel some relief in the first session.

Posture correction takes time. The muscles, tendons and ligaments need to be trained to stay in their proper positions. You need to consistently follow the exercises give to you between treatments in order for this to happen.

The good news is, it is possible to eliminate the pain you are feeling. Many of our clients have by following our customized program.

Get to the root of your pain. Contact me to get started.

Vreni Gurd
Certified Integrated Somatic Therapist