Wellness Services

At Wellness Works we provide three interrelated wellness services: fitness programs and training, nutrition programs, corrective exercise and structural integration (therapeutic massage).

Fitness Programs & Personal Training

If you want to get fit, lose weight or gain muscle, a customized fitness program may be the right choice for you. This is also an option for those who have reached a plateau in their exercise program and want support getting to the next level. While some trainers give all of their clients the same workout, we personalize your program based on your posture, goals and starting point.

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Nutrition Programs & Metabolic Typing

Are you eating right but not losing weight? Did you know that Canada’s Food Guide does not work for 85% of the population? No wonder most people are confused. We can teach you how to eat right and get healthy. Once you have the basics, we can further personalize your nutrition to your own biochemistry through Metabolic Typing. We will give you a food list personalized to you, as well as teach you what ratio of protein, carbs and fat would work best for your own metabolism.

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Posture Correction/Pain Relief
(Structural Integration & Corrective Exercise)

For those experiencing pain or nagging injuries, this is often the place to start. Tight muscles, poor posture, and leg length discrepancies – to name a few – can put the body out of proper alignment and create pain. The source of the problem needs to be determined so that a customized corrective exercise program can be designed. Structural integration is a massage technique that can be used to release tight muscles and relieve pain.

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